Terms of Service

By purchasing and using CryptoBotly's services you agree to the terms of service listed below.

CryptoBotly, also “we”,”our”, “trading bot”,”crypto currency trading bot” or “trading tool” on the following text is offering a crypto currency trading bot that allows you to create and automate your strategies and trade on the most popular crypto currency exchanges. The client has full control of most settings on their trading configuration.
In order to use CryptoBotly’s services, you are required to accept the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to anything below, please refrain from purchasing the services offered.

CryptoBotly doesn’t ask for personal information such as name or address. We only request a valid address email to send order information. If you’re not providing valid information we reserve the right to cancel your account access without any notifications.

The price of our product is $20 USD per month, $50 USD for 3 months, and $150 USD for 1 year. We reserve the right to change the price at any time.

Our trading bot can be used with and external services commonly known as “signaling services”. The goal of theses services is to monitor the crypto currency market and to send a notification to buy or sell the crypto currency. Theses external services are not considered as financial advice on our product. They are considered simple markets monitoring notifications. We acknowledge that you can use theses notifications using your bot software; however, we cannot guarantee that the results will be profitable. Use theses notifications at your own risk. CryptoBotly rejects all responsibility related to theses notifications.

We will give user access to your trading bot as fast as it possible. There is no automated delivery system. The delay is between 1 minute and 24 hours. There is no engagement by using our product. You have the right to ask for a refund in a delay maximum of 7 days after your first login. If you pay with direct payment or crypto currency you instantly reject any possibility of a refund.

By using our crypto currency trading bot, our website, or any products related to CryptoBotly and the founder, you accept the following conditions:
– You are at least 18 years of age.
– You will not provide any false information about our product or website on the web.
– You will not not access or try to access our services in a non-official manner.
– You will not send malicious, dangerous, non-official, or scam products related to our service on the web.
– You will not use our service without official and up to date licenses provided by our official website.
– You will not create any related products, scripts, websites, programs, contents related to CryptoBotly without an official exception.

By using our product or website you agree that your IP is collected to prevent any legal problems and attacks on the website or the service/product. We reserve the right to provide your IP and others data on a demand from an official authority. We cannot guarantee to provide any data for any others authorities without an agreement from authorities.

We reserve the right on the “CryptoBotly” term and label and all legal property related to our service such as logo or website design. We offer a Virtual Private Server to host our trading bot. You cannot use the VPS in any other way that is not your trading bot. We guarantee the privacy of your data by using a trusted SSL certificate. We reserve the right to cancel your license if any suspicious activity is detected on your account. We reserves the right to change Terms of Service at anytime.