What separates us from the rest

Supported Providers

Easily connect your bot to the API of Crypto Quality Signals, Mining Hamster, Trading View signals, Hirn signals, or Crypto Base Scanner.

Best Exchanges

Connect your bot to various exchanges. We currently support Bittrex, Binance, and Kucoin with many more coming in the future.

Endless Settings

Each signal provider comes with a plethora of adjustable settings, on top of our general bot settings. Customize your bot to your liking.

Take Profit

This feature allows you to place your sell orders using a fixed price. Enter a percentage in the take profit option and the order will be ready to go.


Use the timer to cancel a buy order not executed after a certain amount of time, or select a deadline for your sell orders.

Dollar Cost Average

Improve your average cost. Set the targets, the quantity and the maximum number of opened DCA positions in order to get a better average price.

Stop Loss

Automatically sell your position if the price reaches your stop loss percentage. If you want to sell a coin when the price drops by 3%, enter 3 as the value.

Open Order Limit

Set the max open orders at one time. Select the maximum opens orders. Once this number is reached, the bot will wait for a open slot to trade again.

Price Check

Check the buy rate before buying the same coin, if the rate is lower than the last trade the coin purchase will be not be executed.


Specifically trade only your list of coins. If you use your whitelist, the bot will only trade the coins in this list and all the others will be ignored.


All coins in this list will be ignored and not traded, the bot will never open an order for theses coins.

Manual Trading

Search a massive list of coins and trade manually if you choose. Featuring a very easy to use trading interface.